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49ers' Kendall Hunter Gets Rating Love On Madden NFL 12

Recently, EA Sports has been releasing some player ratings for the upcoming Madden NFL 12 video game. We've taken a look at some of the things they've done, but the big thing people wait for are the rankings. They do this so they have something to either be excited about or to complain about. People aren't happy unless they're angry these days, and I'm the same way. 

Thankfully, I've nothing to despair over this time around. The 49ers' Kendall Hunter got some rating love in their recent ratings release, with an overall of 71. Drafted in the fourth round, Hunter was considered to be a better talent than where he was taken, but his size apparently scared a lot of teams off. The ratings guys took this into account though, and Hunter got a decent rating. Players out of the fourth round generally don't make it into the seventies, and a 71 is a pretty good launching point for Hunter, who I imagine will have an 'A' potential if they are bringing that back (I've forgotten at this point).

Hunter ranks in above two rookies drafted in the second round and two rookies drafted in the third round. Make the jump for the list of top ten rookie running backs.

(79) Mark Ingram - Saints RD 1 Pick 28
(73) Ryan Williams - Cardinals RD 2 Pick 6
(72) Mikel Leshoure - Lions RD 2 Pick 25
(71) Kendall Hunter - 49ers RD 4 Pick 18
(70) Daniel Thomas - Dolphins RD 2 Pick 30
(69) Shane Vereen - Patriots RD 2 Pick 24
(69) DeMarco Murray - Cowboys RD 3 Pick 7
(69) Jacquizz Rodgers - Falcons RD 5 Pick 14
(68) Delone Carter - Colts RD 4 Pick 22
(67) Stevan Ridley - Patriots RD 3 Pick 9