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Bay Area Franchise Rap Videos: A Treasure Trove Of Unintentional Comedy

Over at Niners Nation, a user posted a link to a rap video somebody put together looking back at the 2010 49ers season. It's always amazing how people can turn a 6-10 season into an epic tale. Of course, that's why the folks at NFL Films get paid the big books, so I suppose it is not entirely surprising. However, given how poorly the 49ers performed in 2010, I thought this video provided a good excuse to look back at a couple videos from back when Bay Area football was actually good.

Thankfully that search takes us back to the 1980s when teams actually thought it was a good idea to create rap songs about how awesome they were. We can probably thank the Chicago Bears as their Super Bowl Shuffle set the tone for this. Given some of the videos that followed (available after the jump), I think we owe Jim McMahon and Co. a great debt of gratitude.

San Francisco 49ers Rap

Raiders "Silver and Black Attack"

Words simply cannot describe how incredibly awesome these videos are. The 80s really are a gift that keeps on giving.