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Jim Harbaugh Talks Mike Crabtree, "Camp Alex" on KNBR with Murph & Mac

With the NFL lockout still firmly in place, fans of the San Francisco 49ers continue to pine for some semblance of football. And aside from player-organized workouts that the outside world can't really be a part of and rumor after rumor of when the lockout may eventually end, fans haven't heard to much from Head Coach Jim Harbaugh, who has been rather quiet for most of the summer. 

But Harbaugh made it on the Murph & Mac show on KNBR Wednesday to talk some shop, his feelings on "Camp Alex" over at San Jose State, and even spoke on Michael Crabtree's character and the effect it has on the team. Make the jump to see what Coach had to say.

Harbaugh began the conversation by telling Murph and Mac that he was 'scary good' when the asked how he was; a very refreshing answer and sign that unlike Singletary, Harbuagh actually has a personality and isn't afraid to show it. He touched on the lockout a bit, noting that he is optimistic about things ending soon. He'd "rather be optimistic" about the whole situation instead of worrying about things he can't control, another reason why I think this guy is a winner. 

Harbaugh mentioned that his playbook is "ready to roll" and has been since before the draft, and is incredibly pleased with the fact the the players took it upon themselves to hold some team activities over at San Jose State. "Camp Alex" as some are calling it, Coach mentioned that it highlight's Alex Smith's character to do something like this, an related it to kids playing in the yard instead of needed a parent scheduled play date for things. This man is a bit of a wordsmith, and definitely knows how to dodge questions when need be as well. 

When asked about Michael Crabtree's character, obviously hinted to his past holdout and missing the first few days of "Camp Alex" even when asked to come. Harbaugh dodged it like a pro, noting that Crab is a "good guy, good player" and that like kids in the playground, "may get into a tussle from time to time." He also went on to mention that Crab is still a young man trying to figure everything out and that he has no worries for him with the Niners .

Whether he will be a good NFL Coach is still to be seen, but Jim Harbaugh is most definitely passionate about football, and balances the line of hard work and an easy going attitude better than most. Now all we need in a season to actually prove he's worth his salt, which I'm wiling to bet he is. 


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