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2011 49ers Draft Picks: Video of 49ers Top Picks First Visit to Team Headquarters

The San Francisco 49ers two top draft picks, linebacker Aldon Smith and quarterback Colin Kaepernick, have been with the team for a little over a week now, and still trying to get adjusted to life in the NFL. Despite the lockout and all the speculation that surrounds it these guys are still doing everything that they can to get ready for the 2011 NFL season, whenever that may or may not happen. Here is a video montage of both Smith and Kaepernick making their first visits to the 49ers team headquarters in Santa Clara.

Smith enjoyed the draft from Radio City Music Hall in New York City, while Kaepernick was kicking it at home with his family, extremely different experiences for both players. But all that really matteres is that they ended up in the same place, wearing the Red & Gold for the San Francisco 49ers.

Both players reflect on the process of getting to the NFL, and how it feels like to actually be a part of it. Walking through the lobby, looking at the 5 Super Bowl trophies, meeting with public relations officials and other staff, you can see the excitement they have on their faces and can only imagine how awesome it must be to have finally made it. The video does a great job of showing how they got from draft day to being a part of the 49ers faithful, definitely worth a look see.