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SB Nation's 2012 NFL Mock Draft: Will the 49ers Jim Harbaugh Reunite with Andrew Luck?

Even though the 2011 NFL Draft has just ended, SB Nation is already looking ahead to 2012. SB Nation's Brian Galliford and Andy Hutchins have put together their first 2012 NFL Mock Draft, and have Jim Harbaugh and the San Francisco 49ers at number one, taking Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. This idea sounds too good to be true; the former coach reuniting with his top prospect for NFL success? But there are some inherent problems with this decision in the mock that can not go overlooked. 

For one, this would mean that the 49ers were the worst team in the NFL next season, seeing that the mock is set up without any trades. They use the phrase 'suck for Luck' as the mantra for the 49ers in 2011, something I'm sure nary a Niners fan would want any part of. The Niners might not win the Super Bowl, or even make the playoffs next season, but I'll just about guarantee they won't be the worst in the NFL. This proposed fairy tale ending sounds good in theory, but terrible in practice.   

Secondly, who's to say Luck will go number one? Sure, he's likely the favorite, but you just never know, do you? Third of all, I think Colin Kaepernick will be a good NFL quarterback once Jim Harbaugh gets his mitts on him and shapes him a little bit. His niche is developing quarterbacks, and he sure has a specimen with the 6'5 speedster with a monster arm. 

Another point of interest in this mock draft is the Seattle Seahawks taking Stanford offensive tackle Jonathan Martin seventh overall. If Martin were paired with Russell Okung up in Seattle, they certainly would have a formidable duo on either end of their O-Line, making sure Matt Hasselbeck doesn't do much laundry. 

This mock is obviously the most conjectured of hypothetical possibilities you could conceivably have for an NFL draft; but isn't fun though?