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2011 NFL Mock Draft, SBNBA Version: 30. New York Jets- Cameron Heyward, Ohio State Buckeyes

30. New York Jets- Cameron Heyward, Ohio State Buckeyes

As our mock draft draws near the end of the first round, there is still a lot of talent out on the board to be had by some of the better teams in the NFL, such as the New York Jets. They made it far in the playoffs last year but will be looking for some fresh talent to make another run at it this year, starting with the draft. The Jets have a few places where they could use some more depth but the pick I think is the best for them here is defensive end Cameron Heyward from Ohio State.

Heyward is the perfect size to be a productive NFL DE, and has the talent and skill set to do so. If there is anything that he lacks it is the top end speed to consistently make plays with his feet but makes up with it in his size, strength, and determination to get the job done. Heyward has got the pedigree to make it in the NFL as his father, Craig Heyward, was a former NFL running back for 11 seasons, and former coaches praise Cameron's humble nature and team player attitude.

Here's what ESPN's Todd McShay has to say about the Jets and Heyward:

We've discussed the possibility of taking a safety at this spot, but I don't think the Jets would be wise to neglect early talent at a position they really need to address. Heyward is a player that holds up against the run, has shown a decent repertoire of pass-rush skills, and can play through pain. Rex Ryan needs to infuse some talent to his defensive front, because he has to blitz to get any pressure on opposing quarterbacks at this point, and you never want that to be the case.

The Jets have options, but I don't think they can go wrong picking Cameron Heyward here.