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2011 NFL Mock Draft, SBNBA Version: 19. New York Giants - Anthony Castonzo, Boston College Eagles

19. New York Giants - Anthony Castonzo, Boston College Eagles

It's probably fortunate that the Chargers took Tyron Smith prior to this pick, because Castonzo is a much better fit for the Giants, but they might be persuaded to take Smith because of his overall ranking on their board.  It's also true that Smith has questions regarding his ability to be instantly slotted into the left tackle position in the NFL, but Castonzo can step in there right from the get-go. The Giants like to get guys and groom them up, but Castonzo will start from day one and he'll be an improvement over William Beatty.

Castonzo had a monster combine and has looked good every time we've seen him recently, save for perhaps the Senior Bowl. The most important thing to note here is Castonzo's athleticism, something that head coach Tom Coughlin values highly. Boston College also has a strong tradition of sending linemen to the NFL, and Coughlin's ties are going to be too much here. He'll take the blue-chip, hard-working Castonzo and not look back, and somewhere down the line, he'll end up being a franchise tackle.

The Chargers ahead of them made the pick for them when they took Smith off the board, Castonzo is the guy. Someone like Mike Pouncey could certainly be the pick, but I doubt it. They have needs at left tackle, center, left guard and potentially even right tackle - they need to address one of these right here.