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NFL Draft 2011 Second & Third Round Results: NFC West Surprisingly Low on Drafted QB's

The second day of the 2011 NFL Draft produced a number of surprises, with more than a few coming out of the NFC West. The 49ers traded up and down for their second and third round picks, while the rest of the division came up with a couple of interesting choices.

Arizona Cardinals: Ryan Williams, RB, Virginia Tech (38th overall), Robert Housler, TE, Florida (69th overall)

The Niners leap frogged the Cardinals for the opportunity to nab Colin Kapernick which left Arizona little options with QB’s that they liked. They decided to focus on the other aspects of the offense taking running back Ryan Williams and tight end Robert Housler. Both are solid players who will bring depth to their team, but he Williams pick definitely is questionable. They already have Steve Hightower and Beanie Wells, did they realy need another RB? And in the second round? To each their own I suppose…

St. Louis Rams: Lance Kendricks, TE, Wisconsin (47th overall), Austin Pettis, WR, Boise State (78th overall)

The Rams definitely seem to be attempting to surround Sam Bradford with quality receiving talent, and with both of their picks today they definitely did just that. Kendricks was a solid choice, but I think picking up Pettis was the bigger deal today. He is going to be a slot receiving machine for St. Louis and will definitely make a big impact this season in my opinion.

Seattle Seahawks: No Second Round Pick, John Moffitt, OG, Wisconsin (75th overall)

Pete Carroll isn’t showing too much drafting prowess this year in my opinion, but that likely could be because they didn’t really make any glamorous picks. Two drafted offensive lineman is unusual, but heck, the Niners did it last year, and it is definitely a place of improvement for the ‘Hawks. Their choice to not to make a selection with their second-round pick (No. 57 overall) was intriguing as well, instead trading it with a fifth and a seventh-round pick to the Detroit Lions for a third (No. 75, John Moffit), fourth round pick (No. 107), fifth (No. 154), and a seventh round pick (No. 205). Let’s see if their choice to load up the back end of their draft pays dividends tomorrow, they may have some tricks up their sleeves.