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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Chris Culliver Scouting Report Highlights Flaws

Chris Culliver is an average sized cornerback at just a bit above 6 feet tall, and weighs in only at 199 pounds. He could definitely add some bulk, but possesses great speed and recovery skills. He can get caught peeking in the backfield and sometimes seems to have a hard time picking up coverage schemes, but he is developing his skills and will hopefully get better with some work with the 49ers secondary coaches.

He has had some character questions as he walked out of practice at South Carolina due to someone questioning his work ethic, causing him to miss a game with rival Arkansas. He was a great student at S.C. and is intelligent enough to pick up NFL systems relatively easy once he gets with the team. Culliver is a natural athlete, showing going fluidity and ball skills. One of the main gripes people have with him is his aggressiveness, claiming that he doesn’t try to attack the ball enough. The zero interceptions he had last year can vouch for that, and lacks the ability to make big catches for interceptions as well.

Hopefully the Niners saw more in him than whats on paper or on tape, and he can be a solid addition to the Niners.