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2011 NFL Draft: 49er Fans' Reactions to Picking Colin Kaepernick

As a 49ers fan, I am elated with the selection of Colin Kaepenick by the 49ers. I am a Reno native and went to the University of Nevada, so making this pick is even more special for me personally. As for other 49ers fans, there have been some mixed reactions over at Niners Nation. Here’s a selection of some comments made by fans over at NN.

Wow. I feel good about this one. (by Vertigo)

I guess this makes JaMarcus Russell out of the question? (by TryAndCatchVD)

I think fans have a ton to be excited about , not just this year, but for a few years. this is awesome (by whanson)

I’m totally ehh about Aldon Smith but Kaepernick is a good pick (by sanguines)

Alex Smith is our quarterback! (by Typecast)

Kaepernick is our future! (by Runz Piz)

Obviously fans are fired up about this guy, and I think with good reason. If he has time to develop I think he can be a solid addition to the 49ers. The Cardinals still need a QB, and we took Kap right before they had the chance, keeping them out in the proverbial cold. Great trade, great pick, good work by the Niners braintrust.