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2011 NFL Draft: Colin Kaepernick Scouting Report Yields Mixed Reviews

The San Francisco 49ers have selected quarterback Colin Kaepernick with the 36th overall pick out of the University of Nevada, and is an interesting specimen when it comes to the football field.

at 6’4" 230 pounds, he is most definitely an athlete, and his leadership qualities are off the charts. He lead the Wolf Pack to one of the most exciting wins in the 2010 NCAA football season with their victory over #3 Boise State. He brings intelligence to the field, and is creative with his feet and his hands. Coming from Chris Ault’s ‘pistol’ offense, Kap will have to do some adjusting to a pro-style system, but if there is anyone able to shape a great QB its Jim Harbaugh.

There are some issues with his skills, his accuracy with the deep ball can be a bit suspect, but his arm strength can not be questioned. He can definitely put on some extra meat, but NFL strength and conditioning coaches are amazing at that. He can make all the throws you need to in the NFL, but has an elongated throwing motion due to his very long arms, something else that can be tweaked with Harbaugh and the Niners coaching staff.

Kaepernick is a humble, motivated player who I think resembles the attitude the 49ers are trying to convey under their new regime. Here is a summary of him from Mocking the Draft:

When it comes to athletic ability Kaepernick is right up there with the likes of Cam Newton. However, like Cam he struggles with the fundamentals of playing quarterback. His abilities will intrigue a team and might lead to an earlier than expected selection. But he is going to need time to develop as his technique is far from NFL ready. Ultimately, Kaepernick is a player with a ton of upside but legitimate question marks.

And another from

The leadership factor weighs heavily into his evaluation and although the second round is littered with failures, he might be an exception. Teams have to love that he might have had a future in baseball (he was drafted by the Cubs) yet stuck with football which clearly illustrates his passion for football.

With a little time, I think Kap can be the best QB the Niners have seen since Jeff Garcia, just make sure not to hold your breath.