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NFL Draft 2011: Falcons Acquire Browns Pick To Select Julio Jones

The Atlanta Falcons have apparently acquired the Cleveland Browns first round pick to then select Julio Jones at the number six position. The Browns acquire the 27th overall pick and the Falcons 2nd, 4th and 2012 1st and 4th round picks. That is quite the bounty of picks.

Patrick Peterson just went off the board to the Arizona Cardinals so it remains to be seen what exactly the 49ers will now do with the seventh pick. The first six picks thus far have been Cam Newton, Von Miller, Marcell Dareus, A.J. Green, Patrick Peterson, and now Julio Jones.

This would seem to leave the 49ers with several options. They could draft Blaine Gabbert, Prince Amukamara, or Robert Quinn. They could surprise some folks and grab a defensive lineman like J.J. Watt or Cameron Jordan. Or maybe they decide to trade down. It’s really a crap shoot at this point particularly with Blaine Gabbert sitting there for the 49ers. Maybe they deal down to the Redskins?