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2011 NFL Lockout: Judge Susan Nelson Issues Injunction Ordering End Of Lockout

Earlier this afternoon, Judge Susan Nelson issued an order enjoining the NFL's lockout of the players. When CBA negotiations broke down late last month, the owners instituted a lockout of the players. This was followed by the players electing to decertify as a union and file suit against the owners seeking an injunction to prevent the lockout. There have been a variety of legal maneuverings before various courts, but today we had our first major step forward in all this nonsense.

This does not mean the lockout is completely finished. Rather, the league has requested an immediate stay of the injunction pending their appeal being heard by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Nelson refused to issue a stay, so now the NFL is dependent on the appellate court issuing such a stay. If they do not grant a stay, the league would have to re-open its doors to business, which would mean the beginning of free agency.

It is interesting to note this tweet from Jim Trotter:

was just told that some players have been contacted by their position coaches, who are capitalizing on this time of limbo. smart move?less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

I wonder if Coach Harbaugh and his 49ers assistants hopped on the phone as soon as possible to chat with any players they could reach?