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2011 NFL Draft: Willie Brown, Dwight Clark To Announce Raiders, 49ers Second Round Picks

The NFL announced today that 32 NFL alumni, one representing each team, will announce live on Friday every selection of the second round. This will mark the first time in NFL Draft history every selection in a round has been announced by former players. Hall of Fame defensive back Willie Brown will announce the Oakland Raiders second round pick. Brown was actually undrafted out of college.

Wide receiver Dwight Clark will announce the 49ers second round pick. Clark was selected out of Clemson in the tenth round of the 1979 NFL Draft. 49ers coach Bill Walsh first discovered Clark when he was at Clemson to scout quarterback Scott Fuller. Walsh had called Fuller's dorm room and Clark answered the phone, at which point Clark invited him to run routes during the Fuller evaluation. The rest as they say is history.

After the jump you can check out all 32 NFL alumni representatives for next week's NFL Draft.