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2011 NFL Mock Draft, SBNBA Version: 15. Miami Dolphins- Mark Ingram- Alabama Crimson Tide

15. Miami Dolphins- Mark Ingram, Alabama Crimson Tide

As our NFL mock draft rolls on, we arrive at the fifteenth overal pick for the Miami Dolphins. Miami had a bit of a disappointing season with a 7-9 record, especially since only two of their wins came in front of their home crowd at the newly made Sun Life Stadium. The Dolphins are in a spot where the most talented players for the positions they need are either already taken or will probably still be around in later rounds, so the best option the 'Phins have is running back Mark Ingram from Alabama. 

According to's team needs matrix the biggest needs for Miami are QB and WR, but seeing that the best first round options at both of those postions are already taken, I figure the next best thing the Dolphins can do is shore up their running game with a pro-ready player like the Heisman Award winning Ingram. Ingram is not going to burn you with his speed, but his low center of gravity and hard-knock running style will compliment Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams very well, that is if either are brought back as free agents. If they aren't the Dolphins will still have a decent running game with Ingram at the helm. 

Here's what ESPN's Todd McShay had to say about Ingram and the Dolphins:

The Dolphins need to upgrade their interior offensive line but there isn't a guard or center worth drafting this high. [Ingram] is the kind of back who could give Miami a huge boost in the running game, even as part of the rotation. The Dolphins could then look for a quarterback and interior offensive lineman in the next two rounds. 

The need for talent can not go unnoticed by the Dolphins with this pick, and for what they need and where they're drafting, Ingram is the best and most logical choice for them here. I see Ingram becoming a Frank Gore like workhorse for Miami, and hopefully they do too.