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2011 NFL Mock Draft, SBNBA Version: 13. Detroit Lions - Cameron Jordan, California Golden Bears

13. Detroit Lions - Cameron Jordan, California Golden Bears

The Lions would really, really like to get somebody to protect Matthew Stafford. His injury concerns aren't necessarily his own, being that he doesn't appear to be someone who is injury-prone, he just takes a beating out there. They've acknowledged that offensive tackle is a need publicly, but I don't expect them to reach for one this early. It seems the past few years we've been spoiled with offensive line talent - that ain't the case this year. Detroit has never given us much reason to believe they'll go with the smart choice in the draft, but I see that changing.

Everything about the organization seems that much more professional, at least from my view. Everybody has a different opinion on how you should approach the draft, regarding need versus BPA (best player available), but the consensus seems to be that you can't afford to go with solely need in the first round, especially when you're reaching. There's no tackles worthy of being taken thirteenth, and in lieu of trading out of the pick, they'll look for a balance of need and BPA.

Cameron Jordan is just that, he fills a need on the defensive line and is one of the better players on the board. Some consider Aldon Smith a better prospect when it comes to the line, but with Detroit's needs and the scheme they run, I believe Jordan is absolutely the pick here.

He's a high-motor guy who plays one solid, high-level throughout the entirety of any given football game. Ndamukong Suh took the Lions and their defense to new heights in 2010, Jordan will make them consistently elite on every snap. The line and pass rush goes from a strength to a potentially dominating force. Jordan had a great Senior Bowl, a great Scouting Combine and a great Pro Day. The Lions pull the trigger with this guy in any scenario that doesn't include Prince Amukamara being available.