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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Oakland Raiders Grab Ben Ijalana In Round Two

Earlier, we found out that the San Francisco 49ers landed both cornerback Prince Amukamara and quarterback Christian Ponder in SB Nation's latest two-round mock draft. Well, the Oakland Raiders, as you all know, are in a much different situation. They don't have a first round pick, and they're not picking at a point in the second round to grab one of the very top guys at a position of need ... unless of course, somebody really good happens to fall. That's really the best thing the Raiders can do it this point: sit back and hope that something goes right for them, and draft as smart as they possibly can when their turn comes along.

Well, a player did indeed fall in SB Nation's latest mock:

48. Oakland Raiders: Ben Ijalana, OT, Villanova. Oakland's line is improving, and Ijalana is a versatile, high-upside add for this underrated team.

It's not a long and arduous fall for Ijalana, but he is rising and becoming a top-flight tackle prospect. He can probably play both guard positions and both tackle positions, and for that it's been talked about him making it into the back-end of the first round. It's definitely possible, but a fall down to Oakland is not something that's unheard of or even really all that unlikely. Ijalana can basically come in and start anywhere on Oakland's struggling offensive line.

If you want to see how the first round worked out to allow for Ijalana's fall, here's the link.