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2011 NFL Mock Draft, SBNBA Version: 36. Denver Broncos - Corey Liuget, Illinois Fighting Illini

36. Denver Broncos - Corey Liuget, Illinois Fighting Illini

In round one, the Broncos took Nick Fairley out of Auburn and the defensive line that has so many question marks started to look a lot better. In round two, they're going to get Corey Liuget, and the defensive line didn't just look better, it became a force and a surefire strength heading into 2011. They lost Ronald Fields, Justin Bannan and Jamal Williams, all of which aren't great individually, but that's a lot for your line to take. Big deal, look who they just added in the draft: two of the top four or five defensive tackles.

Liuget is a guy that the Broncos can play all over the line, but he'll work best if they put him under a tackle and have him consistently wear down one guy throughout the course of a game. In a line where Fairley will be the star, Liuget will be the guy who does everything that Fairley doesn't. The only knock on Liuget is that he doesn't have a great motor, and that's why he fell this far to begin with, but he won't have to be the focal point of that line and that's the key here.

The Broncos want to be strong defensively so they can grow their offense into something special, but that will definitely take some time. It takes less time to come out and grow as a defensive player than it does to groom a quarterback like Tim Tebow.