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2011 NFL Preason Schedule Release: San Francisco 49ers Without Primetime Game

The NFL has released a tentative 2011 Preseason Schedule despite the fact that football could even be regarded as a longshot at this point. If you're a reader of Niners Nation, you'll know that I remain eternally pessimistic regarding the NFL lockout. But I suppose it fits in line with everything they've been doing, including a full 2011 NFL Draft ceremony. It seems they are optimistic, and more power to them, it would be great if their plans work out.

The NFL has them slotted in for play on August 13th, 20th, 27th and September 1st, though those dates may or may not hold up. One thing to note is that three of the four games are being held in California, so there's not much traveling at work. Matchups against the Chargers and Raiders are obviously to be expected, the battles of the Bay and California in general are a fixture that would be missed if they were gone.


Preseason Week



Week 1 (August 11-15)

@ New Orleans Saints


Week 2

vs. Oakland Raiders


Week 3

vs. Houston Texans


Week 4

@ San Diego Chargers


Niners Nation has a post on the schedule as well, so head on over there and discuss it. You can view the rest of the NFL's preseason schedule at