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2011 NFL Mock Draft, SBNBA Version: 35. Cincinnati Bengals- Randal Cobb, Kentucky Wildcats

35. Cincinnati Bengals- Randall Cobb, Kentucky Wildcats 

As our 2011 NFL Mock Draft has rolled into the second round, the debate between whether to draft for talent or draft for teams needs becomes more pertinent with every pick. The players aren't as elite as those players drafted before them but there are still a lot of high-caliber players on the board, including wide receiver Randall Cobb from the University of Kentucky. 

I think Cobb is a great fit for the Bengals, especially in terms of our draft. The Bengals selected Cam Newton in the first round, and will be a savvy move to draft a receiver to grow along with him, learning the ropes step by step, and hopefully becoming a tuned-in duo on the field. At just a shade over 5'10", Cobb isn't going to be grabbing balls up over the head of defenders too often, but he's got top end speed, got great hands, is incredibly tough, and absolutely fearless when he's running routes. He isn't afraid of contact, and is strong enough to hold on to a lot of balls after a jarring hit in mid air, while his fluidity running routes can gain him that extra separation that his speed and size can't. As a slot receiver, I think he can do some serious damage. 

But not only can Cobb catch, he can throw and run too. Two seasons ago Cobb broke the SEC single-season record for all-purpose yardage with 2,396; 1,017 receiving and 424 rushing. Last year he scored at least one touchdown as a receiver, running back, quarterback and returner, a total of 16 touchdowns in all. He can be used is variety of ways including but not excluded to wildcat formations and an emergency back up QB, and will bring tremendous versatility to the Bengals, however they choose to utilize him.