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2011 NFL Mock Draft, SBNBA Version: 34. Buffalo Bills - Andy Dalton, TCU Horned Frogs

34. Buffalo Bills - Andy Dalton, TCU Horned Frogs

Ryan Fitzpatrick earned a lot of respect last season around the league, but he just isn't the answer going forward. The Bills will need to address the position in either the first or second round, and I didn't see them passing up on Von Miller in the first round, so they have their pick at the top of the second round. Andy Dalton is slowly picking up steam and will definitely go at some point in the second, but I can see him going this early if the Bills like him enough. I figure they do, but Christian Ponder or Colin Kaepernick could be selections at this point as well. I don't think someone like Ryan Mallett is an option, I just don't see him as being mobile enough for the Bills and their current offense.

One good thing I'll say about the Bills, they looked like one of the best 4-12 teams I've seen in a very long time. They fought hard in every game they played, and have a lot of pieces in place. When they took Miller in the first round, they got an awful lot stronger, and now they'll get a guy who can be a franchise quarterback and lead that offense. Dalton is mobile, with a good arm, and Chain Gailey had some experience coaching him in the Senior Bowl. He's the guy going forward in my mind, but they could go several ways here.