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2011 NFL Mock Draft, SBNBA Version: 33. New England Patriots - Akeem Ayers, UCLA Bruins

33. New England Patriots - Akeem Ayers, UCLA Bruins

The Patriots are a team that always drafts smart, and they continue to do so here when they take the best player on the board in Akeem Ayers. Wouldn't you know it, Ayers happens to fill a significant need, as they've been looking for help rushing the passer for awhile now. Most feel like Ayers would go in the first round, but he doesn't fall far as the Patriots grab him with a pick acquired from the Carolina Panthers in one of New England's many, many trades in which they always seem to come out on top. Definitely on top in this case, as they had many players they could grab at this point, including the guard, Danny Watkins out of Baylor, what with Stephen Neal's retirement and all.

I do have my problems with Ayers as a prospect, but when it comes to the Patriots, they will know just how to maximize his potential and get the best out of him in the pass rushing department. Some are questioning his preparation and dedication to being totally physically fit, but the Patriots will get the most out of him. I imagine they'll send him on basically every play and he'll be a force to reckon with at that point.