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2011 NFL CBA, Labor Talks: Owners, Players Agree To Seven Day Extension

After agreeing to a 24-hour extension yesterday afternoon, the NFL owners and players have agreed to a seven day extension of the expiration deadline. Earlier the players had been open to a ten day extension, which would seem to indicate there was some negotiating on this that led to the agreed upon seven day deal.

While a deal is not yet done, this at least counts as a positive step forward. We don’t know how close or far they are from a deal, but this news would indicate the two sides think they can make progress in the coming week. It will be interesting to see if this leads to an additional extension in a week or if the sides can in fact get a deal done. At this point the possible results for a week from now would be a new deal, an additional extension of negotiations, or lockout/decertification/Armageddon. So basically just about anything could happen in the next seven days. Get your popcorn and pull up a seat!