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2011 NFL Lockout, CBA Issues: Players Agree To Further Extension, Ball In Owners Court

Word out of Washington, DC is that the NFL players have agreed to a 10 day extension of the NFL CBA expiration deadline to prevent a potential lockout and/or NFLPA decertification. Yesterday the players and owners agreed to a 24-hour extension of this deadline, leaving tonight at 9:00pm pacific as the expiration time. However, that 24-hour extension was apparently meant more as a window to negotiate a longer extension for talks.

The two sides had no meetings scheduled for today, but rather mediator George Cohen was going to meet individually with each side. He apparently met with the players first and convinced them that a ten day extension was worth a look. It sounds like Cohen was there to convince the players that there was some value to such an extension in that further talks could potentially be fruitful.

Once the players agreed to this extension, Cohen took that proposal to the owners. If the owners do not agree to an extension the CBA would expire at 9:00pm pacific tonight. Additionally, prior to that the NFLPA would likely decertify, thus moving this battle into a court room.