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2011 NFL Mock Draft, SBNBA Version: 9. Dallas Cowboys- Prince Amukamara, Nebraska Cornhuskers

9. Dallas Cowboys- Prince Amukamara, Nebraska Cornhuskers

With all of the preseason hype of the Dallas Cowboys playing the Super Bowl at Jerry's Palace in Dallas, they sure had a dud of a season going 6-10. Tony Romo missing the most of the season with a broken collarbone didn't help, but for the most part the Cowboys are set on the offensive side of the all. That's why I'm picking cornerback Prince Amukamara for the Dallas Cowboys with the 6thoverall pick.

According to's team needs matrix, CB is the position where the ‘Boys are hurting the most except for DE, and even with a guy like Robert Quinn still on the market, I think Amukamara is the guy who will give Dallas the most bang for their buck. At 6'0" 206 pounds, Prince has got a great build to become a lockdown defender, and with a 4.38 40-yard dash, he also shows the ability to keep up with some of the speedier wideouts in the League. He's got above average ball skills, shows good anticipation, and has a great ability to read routes and compensate accordingly.

Some scouts have pointed to the game last year against Oklahoma State and WR Justin Blackmon as a chink in his defensive armor, but if you ask me it was only one game, and players of Amukamara's caliber almost always progress into much better players in the NFL. The Cowboys haven't really had a exciting, playmaking cornerback since the days of ‘Prime Time' (not to say that Amakumara will be as good as Deion Sanders), but he could become the ‘Boys' shutdown CB, especially practicing on receivers like Miles Austin and Dez Bryant.

Dallas and Amukamara are a great match in my opinion, and could definitely make an immediate impact if he's drafted by the Cowboys. Hopefully Dallas is smart enough to listen to me.