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2011 NFL Mock Draft, SBNBA Version: 6. Cleveland Browns- A.J. Green, Georgia Bulldogs

6. Cleveland Browns- A.J. Green, Georgia Bulldogs 

There were some definite bright spots in the Cleveland Browns' 2011 season (like beating the Patriots 34-14) but there also were just as many dark ones (like losing to the Steelers 41-9). With their 5-11 record last year the Browns showed some improvement, but will need some more playmakers to get closer to being a playoff contender. That's why the Browns should draft wide receiver A.J. Green, probably the best offensive playmaker in this year's draft.

At 6'3", 211 pounds, Green definitely has the right build to be a great receiver. He's got good speed (4.48 40 yd. dash), top-shelf separation skills, solid route running ability, ridiculous hands, and great body control. Basically the dude's a beast. If the Browns select him #6 overall, he could possibly become their go to receiver his first year on the job. For those of you who saw him play this year or even just his pro day at Georgia, you are well aware of the talents this guy posses, and hopefully so are the Browns.

With a developing quarterback in Colt McCoy and a mainly marginal receiving core led by Josh Cribbs and Mohamed Massaquoi, the Browns will need some better targets if they want McCoy to develop into a starter. I believe A.J. Green is the best way to improve an offense via the draft this year, and could seriously help a player like McCoy gain a starting job out of training camp, or even become one of the better QB's in the NFL. Receivers simply make QB's look better, it's science.

Sports Illustrated's Peter King and I agree on Cleveland going Green:

Cleveland has need areas across the defensive line, but Colt McCoy is never going to have a chance to establish himself with the Browns' current receiver corps. If A.J. Green is available at No. 6, we can't imagine any way club president Mike Holmgren and G.M. Tom Heckert could justify taking a pass.

Even though there hasn't been a WR drafted in the top ten since Calvin Johnson in 2007, I think this guy will be worth his salt for the Cleveland Browns. His talent level is undeniable, the question will be how much it progresses in the NFL.