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2011 NFL Lockout, CBA Issues: Owners, Players Discuss Deadline Extension As Rumors Swirl

The NFL’s current collective bargaining agreement expires at 9pm pacific tonight, at which point the NFL owners could elect to impose a lockout on the players. However, rumors are swirling that the two sides are working towards a potential extension of the negotiating deadline. If the two sides can agree on an extension, that’s a good sign that talks are improving and concessions might be close. Additionally it means the issue won’t immediately go into the courts and be litigated to its eventual conclusion.

While this would not mean a deal is done, it’s still a positive step forward, at least compared to a lockout and litigation. We’ll provide updates through the day, but if you’re looking for pertinent updates from the insiders out there, check out the following Twitter accounts. The first three provide the necessary business and legal knowledge, while the latter two provide insider access to the NFL.

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