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2011 NFL Mock Draft, Post-NFL Combine: Where Will Oakland Raiders Address Offensive Line Issues?

Now that the 2011 NFL Combine has come to a close, more and more 2011 NFL Mock Drafts are coming out of the woodwork. More importantly for Oakland Raiders fans, we’re starting to see more second round mocks. The Raiders traded away their first round pick this year in the deal to acquire Richard Seymour. The deal worked out well as Seymour has been a beast, but it makes things a little more difficult in getting mock drafts together.

Fox Sports put together a two round NFL mock draft in which the Oakland Raiders select Penn State guard/center Stefen Wisniewski. The Raiders are generally OK at guard although there’s room for improvement over Cooper Carlisle. However, the Raiders would seem to be in a solid position to develop Wisniewski into a long term answer at center. He apparently has to work on his size a bit but that would seem like something he could accomplish without too much difficulty at the NFL level.