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2011 NFL Mock Draft, SBNBA Version: 3. Buffalo Bills - Von Miller, Texas A&M Aggies

3. Buffalo Bills - Von Miller, Texas A&M Aggies

The Bills are in a wonderful spot in the draft, and not just in this particular mock. They stand a chance to get the quarterback they want, the linebacker they want, the cornerback they want or the defensive lineman they want. There really is very few ways this draft could go negatively for them. Unfortunately, it's really hard to predict where they'll go with the plethora of options available.

Reports out of Bills camp suggests that the ownership and other higher-ups want a new quarterback, a big name, perhaps even an ... icon? Joking aside, Cameron Newton of Auburn Tigers fame is a serious consideration at this pick, he just seems to fit in Buffalo. While it's true that the ownership can dictate what a team does, I think general manager Buddy Nix and head coach Chan Gailey prevail in this instance, and the pick doesn't go to the quarterback position.

Instead, they will opt to put a crucial piece of the puzzle in place for their 3-4 defense. Patrick Peterson of LSU, and Marcell Dareus out of Alabama are both available, but they go with the super-athlete and can't-miss outside linebacker in Von Miller. Aaron Maybin certainly isn't going to get the job done for them, and an already decent secondary will be vastly improved with the help of a pass rush that would probably be effective on every down with Miller in the rotation.

You could probably drop your entire defensive line into coverage and send Miller to take on five offensive linemen, a tight end and a running back, and he'd still make the quarterback rely on a quick release and moving pocket to avoid being sacked. He's 6'3'', 240 and runs in the 4.46-4.50 range, the guy is a killer. At Texas A&M, he played the "joker" position, working at both defensive end and linebacker positions, but for the Bills, he'll stay at outside linebacker and be a force to build around for years to come.