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2011 NFL Lockout Issues: Full Owners Committee Meets With Drew Brees, NFLPA Executive Committee

As the clock ticks down to tomorrow night’s 8:59 p.m. Pacific time NFL CBA expiration time, both sides appear to be taking things at least a little bit serious. The entire owners’ labor committee attended today’s mediation session, meeting with Drew Brees and the NFLPA’s executive committee. NFL General Counsel Jeff Pash indicated there is still the possibility of an extension of this deadline rather than simply moving straight to a lockout.

The idea of an extension is not the best of news since a lockout could still happen, but the NFL’s acknowledgement that it is still an option is a positive sign. It also might be an indication the owners recognize the pressure they now face courtesy of Judge David Doty’s ruling overruling their “lockout insurance.” Over at National Football Post Andrew Brandt discussed the ruling and its impact on both sides going forward.

With approximately 33 hours until the deadline, we’ve now reached crunch time, which hopefully means round-the-clock negotiations. I’m not optimistic a deal will be done by tomorrow night, but this is at least a step in the right direction.