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2011 NFL Mock Draft: 49ers Fans, Don't Forget About Prince Amukamara

More and more NFL mock drafts have Patrick Peterson falling to the San Francisco 49ers at the seventh overall pick. Considered by many to be one of the top three players overall in this year's draft, and potentially one of the best cornerback prospects in recent years. In short, the 49ers and their struggling pass defense would be ecstatic to end up with Peterson, and a long run of talented defensive linemen, mixed with some stellar talent at outside linebacker could be enough for the 49ers to get him.

But this isn't the likeliest of scenarios, regardless. When you're widely regarded as the top player in the draft, six teams passing on you doesn't seem probable. If Peterson is gone and the 49ers stand firm on their desire for a number one corner, the next guy (and some believe this next guy to be only other number one corner in the draft) would be Prince Amukamara out of Nebraska.

We've talked about Amukamara in the past, because many have had him pegged as coming to San Francisco in the first place. At least one recent mock still has Amukamara going to San Francisco, as Draft Tek already had Peterson off the board, to the Cardinals at five.

Regarding Peterson to Arizona:

Arizona was in the bottom half of the league in terms of pass defense and sacks last season. There are two major ways to solve this problem, better coverage or better pass rush. In Patrick Peterson, the Cardinals are getting the player widely considered the best in this draft class. DRC had a poor year and Toler showed he's nothing more than a nickel back so adding Peterson would go a long way towards improving their defense.    

This makes sense for Arizona, as I've had Peterson going there more than once. The caveat is Von Miller, but in this scenario, Draft Tek has him going to Buffalo third overall.

Regarding Prince Amukamara to San Francisco:

I've heard from some of you that Amukamara shouldn't be taken this high, but this week again the value (Big-12 DPOY) for the CB spot directs the 49ers draft. With high need at NT, CB, and OLB, the Drafttek simulation takes the best available player, continuing to stack the 49ers with young defensive talent. Amukamara combines size (6-1), speed (4.43 40), long arms, and fluid hips, and the ability to play man coverage to create an NFL ready CB. His completion against (35%) overshadows his lack of INTs last year. He is outstanding in run-support as an impressive tackler.    

Just note, 49ers fans, that Amukamara as a "consolation" in the Peterson sweepstakes is far from going home empty-handed. The 49ers will have themselves a number one corner who will immediately improve the defense and potentially give them a little leeway in regards to Nate Clements and his huge contract.