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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Todd McShay Has Patrick Peterson To 49ers In Latest

Todd McShay released his latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft over at ESPN, and there's no surprises for the 49ers. San Francisco clearly needs to take either a cornerback, quarterback or outside linebacker in the first round, and in McShay's Mock 4.0, outside linebacker Von Miller is already gone and the 49ers are likely to address the quarterback need in the second round or later, as evidenced by their private workout with Colin Kaepernick.

The 49ers are looking for a quarterback to fit their West Coast system and would likely pass on Newton even if he were available, and in a dream scenario they would find a way to bring in Kevin Kolb from Philadelphia. That would allow San Francisco to fill a big need with one of the top three players on the board. Peterson's combination of size, athleticism and versatility are unmatched in this year's cornerback class.

As noted, there's no surprise here. Peterson is the best in his class at the position and possibly the best player overall coming out in 2011. McShay made the pick easy for the 49ers, as Von Miller went to the Denver Broncos at the second overall pick. Peterson is probably the dream pick for any 49ers fan at this point, and McShay is on board with those that believe he'll be around.