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2011 NFL Mock Draft: 49ers And Cameron Jordan

The NFL Players Association decertified yesterday, but our draft coverage will continue. As it stands the draft is still set to occur, even if the NFLPA doesn't want it to in the future. The latest buzz is right here in the Bay Area: Cameron Jordan from Cal. Jordan is currently mocked to go at some point after the tenth overall pick and some time before the twentieth overall. But Matt Barrows recently talked to a scout who saw Jordan as a dark horse pick for the 49ers.

It's definitely a possibility, Jordan is a versatile athlete. He did some linebacker drills at his pro day, but he almost assuredly would take over Isaac Sopoaga's spot on the defensive line over on the left side, across from Pro Bowler Justin Smith. Smith lead the 49ers in sacks in 2010, and Soapoaga actually had the best year of his career, but if you can add somebody with the skills Jordan has (right out of the gate, too), don't you do it?

Barrows' scout calls him the safest pick in the draft, as well. Not sure if I agree with that, but he's definitely up there. It feels as though the worst case scenario for Jordan is that he becomes a decent starter on the left side who gets occasional pressure, and that in itself is an upgrade over Soapoaga.

Is his noticeably high ceiling enough reason for the 49ers to take him at seven? Probably, but only if there are not top cornerbacks or outside linebackers available.