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2011 NFL CBA, Labor Talks: Second Deadline Approaching

The NFL and NFL Players Association have been negotiating with renewed intensity this week after the two sides gained some ground last week and agreed to a week long extension of the expiration deadline. The two sides have continued utilizing mediator George Cohen, which has likely been pivotal in keeping this labor battle out of the press and at the negotiating table.

The NFL CBA expires later this afternoon and the pivotal talking point lately has been the NFLPA’s insistence on some greater level of financial disclosure by the owners. In the meantime the owners reportedly made a revised offer that the players are now mulling over. The NFLPA has a deadline of 5pm eastern if they want to decertify. That remains the primary legal strategy for the NFLPA, and is the one thing really hanging over the head of this deadline. The two sides could continue extending or we could head to court. We’ll find out more soon.