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Best 2011 Super Bowl Commercial Features Full House As 49ers Fans, 90210 As Raiders Fans

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Best. Fans. Ever. For allegiances of TV characters by team, check it out after the jump!

NFL - American Family - 2011 Super Bowl Commercial Ad (via TheSuperBowl2011)

AFC East

  • Buffalo Bills: Kramer from Seinfeld
  • New York Jets: The Sopranos (Tony, Sal, Paulie, Christopher) & Friends (Monica and Phoebe), plus Lily from How I Met Your Mother and I believe Mr. Burns and Smithers from The Simpsons.
  • New England Patriots: Family Guy (Peter Griffin, his family and Quagmire and Joe) & Cheers (NORM!)
  • Miami Dolphins: The Golden Girls (Rose and Blanche)

AFC North

AFC South
AFC West

NFC East

NFC North

  • Chicago Bears: Family Matters (Carl Winslow and Urkel)
  • Detroit Lions: Seymour and Agnes Skinner from The Simpsons
  • Green Bay Packers: Happy Days (The Fonz & Richie Cunningham), Noah Puckerman from Glee, Marge, Lisa and Maggie Simpson from The Simpsons
  • Minnesota Vikings: Krusty the Klown from The Simpsons (purple hair), Marshall from How I Met Your Mother

NFC South

NFC West

The only one I'm not sure about is Bart Simpson. Doubt he's a Texans fan though.

Also, the theme music for this commercial was originally from the show Dallas, the site of this year's Super Bowl.

All we needed was Jimmy McNulty and the Bunk kicking back in Ray Lewis jerseys, and this would have been the best Super Bowl commercial ever. As it is, it's the clear winner of the 2011 Super Bowl commercial race.