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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Post Super Bowl XLV Mock Stays The Same For 49ers

SB Nation released their first post-Super Bowl XLV 2011 NFL Mock Draft and the 49ers remain consistent. For the third straight week SB Nation has the 49ers drafting Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara. The 49ers have a definite need at cornerback, but the dot-com is still not quite sure what to make of the 49ers in spite of giving them the same pick every week:

San Francisco’s pick is rather difficult to project, because no one is quite sure how Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers will attack the draft. As such, we’ll stay conservative with Amukamara – a top prospect, a senior, and at a position of need.

They make a good point about the 49ers being difficult to project. After all, it’s a new coaching staff that will be implementing a new offense and making some changes to the defense. Trent Baalke ran last year’s draft and is expected to run this year’s as well. However, Coach Harbaugh will definitely have some say in in, which creates all sorts of question marks.

In looking over the picks following the 49ers, some possible other players they might grab include Blaine Gabbert, Robert Quinn, and maybe even Cameron Jordan. I suggest these players not because of specific inside information, but rather because they fill various areas of need for the 49ers.