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2012 Super Bowl XLVI Odds To Win: 49ers Slightly Lower Than Raiders

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One of the many post-Super Bowl traditions, aside from the game MVP announcing a Disneyland visit, is the immediate opening of odds for the next Super Bowl. Now that 2011 Super Bowl XLV is complete, Bodog has released their odds for Super Bowl XLVI in 2012. Each year at least one team will surprise folks and get in position to win a few folks a lot of money. Although the Steelers and Packers did not shock the world in getting to the Super Bowl, a team like the Kansas City Chiefs would have been a shocker with high odds at this time last year.

After the jump we'll take a look at the odds for the San Francisco 49ers and the NFC West, and then the Oakland Raiders and the AFC West.

NFC West
The San Francisco 49ers open as 40/1 to win the 2012 Super Bowl. In comparing the odds throughout the division, this would appear to make the 49ers one of the early NFC West favorites. They're actually running with the same odds as the St. Louis Rams. The defending champion Seattle Seahawks are getting 85/1 odds while the Arizona Cardinals are going off at 75/1. I'm a little surprised the Seahawks are getting such poor odds. I'm guessing it has to do with their QB questions, although the 49ers have even more question marks at the position. This must just be the awesome power of Harbaugh.

AFC West
The Oakland Raiders open as 50/1 to win Super Boxl XLVI. When looking at the rest of the AFC West, that leaves the Raiders in the third position. The San Diego Chargers are going off at 12/1, the Kansas City Chiefs are at 35/1, and the Denver Broncos are at 60/1. The Raiders have some question marks now that they'll be playing with a new head coach. Of course, Hue Jackson was previously the offensive coordinator and has indicated he'll call some of the plays, which would seem to indicate that the offense will remain somewhat similar in 2012. The Raiders have a lot of question marks, but they could be a sleeper next season.