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Jerry Rice Picks "Cal" To Win Super Bowl XLV, Believes 49ers Should Have Taken Aaron Rodgers

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Jerry Rice, perhaps the greatest player in NFL history, has weighed in with his Super Bowl XLV pick, taking the Green Bay Packers to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. Well, that’s kind of what he said. In an interview with Deion Sanders of NFL Network at Radio Row in Dallas, Rice’s quote was...

"I'm going with Cal. I'm going with Cal, Aaron Rodgers. A guy that should have been a San Francisco 49er." (at around the 1:10 mark)

Two interesting nuggets there.

It’s interesting that Rice would say Cal, because his relations with the program aren’t quite understood. Sure, he played across from the school for over a decade and a half, but it’s not like their paths ever tangled. The best evidence we can get is his mentorship of DeSean Jackson.

The second fun nugget is his dig at the 49ers organization for taking Rodgers over Alex Smith. Rice knows something about great quarterbacks, so he probably must not have been happy with their assessment of quarterback evaluation.

I’m sure it’s something San Francisco fans will brood over again and again, offseason after offseason, until they return to prominence.

(HT Redonkulous Bear of California Golden Blogs)