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When You Talk to Matt Maiocco, He Listens

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I was on Twitter earlier today (@bigern22007) and saw that CSN Bay Area's NFL Insider Matt Maiocco (@MaioccoCSN) was asking his followers to come up with some questions for him regarding the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis this week. I submitted my query of who he was most looking forward to seeing at the combine, which he will be covering in person, and he was kind enough to answer me on his blog at Originally I was kind of surprised that my question even got picked, fearing that it was too generic of a question for him to use. But alas, I was one of the lucky winners, and my answer was anything but what I expected. 

He went on to explain that members of the media are not allowed the watch the workouts, but instead are at the combine to conduct interviews with the players, coaches, and executives. That's seems like a bit of a bummer to me, going all the way to Indianapolis and not even being able to watch any of the action? Really?

People watching on the NFL Network will know a lot more about what's happening [than me]. 

But being the consumate professional that he is, he clarified that the combine is a "valuable experience" for reporters to get the inside scoop straight from the horse's mouth, which definitely makes up for lack of combine action he will see, and that we all get to experience from the comforts of our homes. He did admit that his is curious to see how Cam Newton does at the combine (he had Newton as his #1 in his mock draft); see how he reacts to all of the attention he will undoubtedly receive. Unfortunately for him he will only be able to hear about it (or watch it later when it's played on TV over and over again). 

Don't worry Matt, you stay focused on your interviews, I'll keep you updated on all the combine activities for the next few days.