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Joe Montana Misses Seminar, Ronnie Lott and a Fat Guy Fill In

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When a group of motivational speakers that includes 49ers Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana comes through the city of Fresno, folks are going to want to be there. And when you add the likes of Colin Powell and Rudy Guiliani, the event seems like something worth your while. But when Joe Cool turned out to be a no show, those in attendance quickly realized that they were in for more than they bargained for.


The event organizers quickly made what they thought was a suitable replacement, former 49er legend Ronnie Lott. Trading a Hall of Famer for a Hall of Famer seems like a fair bargain wouldn't you say? Well, not exactly. Take a look at how Ronnie used his allotted time to motivate the crowd. Would you say that this sort of thing is motivating to you? How do you think Montana would have handled this kind of situation? What point do you suppose is Ronnie trying to make here? You be the judge. As for me, I think I'll stay at home next time a motivational seminar rolls through town.