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Larry Jacobsen, Never Miss A Super Bowl Football Fan, Labeled One Of Ten Worst Guys In Sports

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Meet Larry Jacobsen, San Francisco 49ers fan. He's that fan in that annoying Visa advertisement who annoyingly proclaims "I've been to every Super Bowl", all apparently to impress a woman. I'm not exactly sure how attending a Super Bowl gets you laid; I've heard winning one does wonders though.

He's apparently missed weddings (presumably not his) and babies being born (presumably not his, and yes he does have a wife and two kids), but the first Super Bowl he misses will be because he's in a coffin. This is his claim to fame.

Nevertheless, Brian Hickey of Deadspin puts him right up there with the likes of Colin Cowherd, Tony LaRussa, Donald Sterling, and as all that is wrong with sports in our country. While that judgement seems a bit harsh, the commercial does give you a bit of a strange feeling watching it. And once you also realize the guy is a Cal fan and has been to nearly a half-century of Rose Bowls WITHOUT Cal being in it, the feeling gets upgraded to bizarro.

(via NewsFromTheShed)

Seriously, who programmed this guy? If you read the article, he claims not to be a sports fan. Yet he splurges thousand of dollars on tickets that don't involve his favorite teams? How many Cal fans could stomach going to FORTY-SIX straight Rose Bowls without the Golden Bears being involved in one of these, while depriving a football fan from one of the schools the privilege of watching the game? Isn't this a little excessive? Is this all to impress that girl from five decades ago?

Mr. Jacobsen is a strange strange individual. I'm not sure I'd ever be comfortable sitting next to this guy.