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Madden NFL 12 Roster Updates, Week 14: Aldon Smith, Alex Smith Get Increases For 49ers

The Week 14 roster and ratings update for Madden NFL 12 is set to go live on Friday, and after the San Francisco 49ers got screwed a week ago, some of that wrong is being done away with. Players that didn't at all deserve a decrease got them last week after a close loss, but this week sees eleven changes overall for the 49ers. All eleven of those changes have to do with overall ratings changes.

And just one of those eleven players is receiving a decrease: offensive lineman Anthony Davis, that means ten players are going up in rating for the 49ers, including linebacker Aldon Smith, who is going up two ratings points, from 83 to 85. Also of note is NaVorro Bowman gets another one-point increase, moving to 87 and closer still to 90. Kyle Williams gets an increase, but it's a small one and he's still very underrated. Make the jump for a full list of 49ers changes.


QB Alex Smith 85 to 86
FB Bruce Miller 73 to 75
WR Kyle Williams 64 to 66
WR Michael Crabtree 82 to 83
DL Ray McDonald 84 to 86
LB NaVorro Bowman 86 to 87
LB Aldon Smith 83 to 85
LB Larry Grant 70 to 72
S Dashon Goldson 82 to 83
S Donte Whitner 85 to 87


OL Anthony Davis 76 to 75