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49ers Vs. Rams: San Francisco Dominates In Rushing Game On Both Sides

As has been the case all season long, the San Francisco 49ers focused on the rushing game to get things done - both on offense and defense. Frank Gore had 73 yards off of 21 attempts, while receiving targets Kyle Williams, Ted Ginn Jr. and Delanie Walker combined for 55 yards on the ground. Kendall Hunter didn't have the best day in relief for Gore, getting just four yards on five carries, but the 49ers didn't need him to.

While Gore didn't get his sixth 100 yard rushing game of the season, he did pass Joe Perry for first place in 49ers franchise history for rushing yardage. He passed Roger Craig earlier this season, and looked good against a Rams team that did nothing but try and stop the run. They continually played man coverage while stacking the box. Sure, they gave up 200+ yards to Beanie Wells a week ago, but do you think Steve Spagnuolo's gameplan heading into that game was to halt the power rushing attack of Wells? Not likely.

The 49ers dominance continued on the other side of the ball, too. This team will be remembered as one of the better run-stopping teams in NFL history - if there are people out there who remember such things. Their streak of games without allowing a rushing touchdown extended to 12 games, just one shy of tying the league record. The record is held by the 1920 Decatur Staleys, when they didn't allow a rushing touchdown for all of their 13-game season.

Steven Jackson was the last player to score a touchdown on the 49ers, but that was a season ago. He hasn't done it this year (he will get another shot at the end of the season), and he wasn't able to break the 49ers streak of games not allowing a 100 yard rusher, either. Jackson had just 19 yards on the day, while Norwood, his backup, had just 18 yards. The 49ers defende was just absolutely on fire.

Next, they'll take on the Arizona Cardinals, who rushed for a couple hundred yards against the very same Rams that San Francisco just beat. As such, they'll likely present a challenge, and will be threatening to break the various streaks with their rushing attack. That being said, the 49ers have played some very good running backs this season. They're not about to be intimidated by Beanie Wells, no matter you slice it.