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VIDEO: 2011 49ers Anthem 'Who's Got It Better' Music Video By Bailey

Many of you by now have heard the unofficial anthem to the 2011 San Francisco 49ers by Bay Area rapper Bailey, Who's Got It Better, and it certainly is glorious. But now Bailey has recently released his music video for it, and there really is only one thing to say about it.


Make the jump to see the video for yourself.

I'm all about the details, and this music video certainly has a lot of them. From the red-rimmed corvette, the obligatory Golden Gate Bridge shots, lots of hyped up Niners fans, a little Sourdough Sam, and of course, Coach Harbaugh himself.

Plus his lyrics about the Niners are just ridiculous. Gotta love this jam.

BAILEY - "Who's Got It Better" - 49ers Anthem (via baydachamp)

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