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NFL Blitz Reboot Promises To Be Extremely Disappointing; 49ers And Raiders Rosters Released

Each week, I post about the Madden NFL 12 roster updates for both the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders. I don't do this just because it's news, I do it because I love the game (and games in general). You might think this is an effort to get more video game writing in, but in reality, if there ever was a game that deserved a commentary, it's a reboot of the NFL Blitz series.

Note that "deserved a commentary" is a phrase which could mean a lot of things. We often write about things we find hilarious, things we find interesting, things we think everybody absolutely should know before starting their day, and also things that are just terrible. This one falls under both hilarious and terrible, and that has an awful lot to do with the fact that this game is, in its current iteration, an absolute joke. After the jump, I've got more on it and also a quick look at the official 17-man roster for both the 49ers and Raiders.

You did read that correctly - I did say that the roster is of the 17-man affair. While arcade (here meaning "pick up and play") sports games have often went with the "fewer players" route, many had hoped that the new Blitz game would feature full rosters. It's a game with the potential to boast all the depth you want out of playing as your favorite teams, with the added bonus of exploding the testicles of a hated rival.

Oh wait, you can't do that anymore Damnit.

Either way, it's incredibly disappointing that the game will feature seven-on-seven action, and even more disappointing by the fact that the NFL won't let them use the license on a game that is over-the-top violent. Sorry, but I play Madden for any time I want an arcade football game - it's far from a simulation - and I boot up the ol' Nintendo 64 (coughemulatorcough) when I want to elbow drop Ray Lewis with J.J. Stokes. The new iteration of Blitz will likely be a far cry from the violent hilarity that made it what it was in the past.

You hear me, EA?! Having players catch fire will not make me buy this!

That being said, the biggest issue for me is the rosters, which I've touched up on a little bit. For one, the fact that it's seven-on-seven in this day and age is pretty silly, and on top of that, it means several great players are left out. The rosters that have been released are also incredibly limited and severely out-dated. Severely is not an over-use in this instance, either. Just check out the lineup.

San Francisco 49ers

QB Alex Smith
RB Frank Gore
WR Michael Crabtree
TE Vernon Davis
OT Joe Staley
OT Anthony Davis
C Jonathan Goodwin
DE Ray McDonald
DE Justin Smith
DT Isaac Sopoaga
CB Shawntae Spencer
CB Carlos Rogers
S Donte Whitner
LB Patrick Willis
K David Akers
P Andy Lee

Oakland Raiders

QB Carson Palmer
RB Darren McFadden
WR Louis Murphy
WR Jacoby Ford
OT Jared Veldheer
OT Khalif Barnes
C Samson Satele
DE Lamarr Houston
DE Matt Shaughnessy
DT Richard Seymour
CB Stanford Routt
CB Chris Johnson
S Tyvon Branch
LB Kamerion Wimbley
P Shane Lechler
K Sebastian Janikowski

All of these rosters have been an exercise in confusion. Not only are there staggering inconsistencies such as most teams' one linebacker being the inside, and then suddenly Wimbley is the guy instead of Rolando McClain for the Raiders, but some of the choices don't make any sense at all. Shawntae Spencer is essentially the fourth corner on the 49ers, and yet he's got the start opposite Carlos Rogers. On top of that, Dashon Goldson is most certainly the safety of choice for 49ers fans.

But on top of all of that is how spoiled we've become - and I don't care to say it, I'm spoiled as everyone else - by Madden and the weekly roster updates. I buy the new game each and every year because I crave playing as the rookies, as the new guys. I grab the weekly update because a 49ers quarterback with an 85 overall rating is almost taboo at this point, but there Alex Smith sits. How in the world am I expected to play a game where I can't use my usual defensive player in NaVorro Bowman? How many people want to proceed without defensive rookie of the year candidate, Aldon Smith?

We don't have all the information, and it's possible that these rosters are just the "starters" and that we'll be able to switch some guys around, but having to choose between one of Willis, Bowman and Aldon is somewhat infuriating. There's also no word yet on whether or not there will be a roster update.

Smart money is on "no."