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49ers Set Records, Fall Short Of One, Get Closer To Others Against Seahawks

On Saturday, the San Francisco 49ers saw a record broken and one particular record pull out of reach in their 19-17 win over the Seattle Seahawks. The record that was broken was significant, as David Akers now has the most field goals of any kicker in a single season. Based on that, he really should be going to the Pro Bowl, but that's a discussion for a different day. Akers passed the record of 40, and now has 42 with a full game left to play. On top of that, it was his field goals that gave the 49ers the lead they needed in the closing minutes.

Marshawn Lynch kept the 49ers from their coveted rushing records. Coveted is used here somewhat ironically, because it's obvious that the win is the most important thing for the team. Still, Lynch scored a rushing touchdown, becoming the first player all season to do so. The 49ers had already set a record last week when they didn't allow one in 14-straight games. Lynch also ended up getting 100 yards, breaking the 36-game streak the 49ers had going in that regard.

Still, San Francisco can finish the season having allowed just one rushing touchdown, which would be an NFL record. Over a 16-game season, the record is four rushing touchdowns allowed, so that could still happen. Is this one of the NFL's best rush defenses of all time? It sure is.

On top of that stuff, Alex Smith has now led just as many fourth-quarter comebacks on the road in a single season as Joe Montana. And lastly, Aldon Smith continues to set the bar higher for 49ers rookies and their sack totals. In fact, he's just half a sack away from tying the NFL record set by Jevon Kearse in 1999. Not quite a historic day for Aldon, but he's moving closer.