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49ers Vs. Seahawks Score Update: Niners Trail 7-0 In Second Quarter

The San Francisco 49ers are visiting the Seattle Seahawks for their Week 16 NFL matchup. The Niners are in the hunt for one of the top two seeds into the postseason and are coming off a dominant performance against the PIttsburgh Steelers on Monday night. The Seahawks, meanwhile, are in search of a playoff berth of their own and need their fourth straight victory this week in order to keep those hopes alive.

The Seahawks jumped out to an early lead as Doug Baldwin scored on a touchdown pass from quarterback Tarvaris Jackson. 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh has been openly covetous of the rookie Baldwin, stating that he wishes he had been able to draft the wide receiver for San Francisco.

On the following San Francisco possession, a drive came up short when David Akers missed a 52-yard field goal attempt, which is a rarity for the kicker in 2011.

After the first quarter, the Niners trail 7-0.

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