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NFL Playoff Picture: 49ers Continue Pursuit Of Top Seed

The San Francisco 49ers will travel to Washington to face the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday. Although the Niners clinched a postseason spot weeks ago, the combination of a Green Bay Packers loss and a dominant win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football has the San Francisco squad thinking about the possibility of taking the top seed in the playoffs and guaranteeing home field advantage throughout the postseason.

As unlikely as it may seem, if the Packers should happen to lose the last two games of the season and the Niners win their final two, San Francisco would claim the top overall seed. As things currently stand, the 49ers are sitting in the No. 2 overall seed. Despite the New Orleans Saints holding an identical 11-3 record, the Niners hold tiebreak advantage over the Saints based on a better winning percentage in conference games. So if both teams win their final two games, combined with either one or two Packers wins, the 49ers would take the No. 2 seed in the playoffs.

As things currently stand, the only thing that would have the Niners finishing lower than No. 2 would be the Saints holding a better record over these last two games. You can be sure that the squad is determined to finish out the season without dropping another game and grabbing that first-round bye.

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