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Madden NFL 12 Roster Updates, Week 16: Aldon Smith, David Akers Going Up For 49ers

The Week 16 roster update for Madden NFL 12 is set to go live, and the San Francisco 49ers come out very well. The team made a big statement in front of a national audience on Monday Night Football by besting the Pittsburgh Steelers, stifling them on defense and putting points on the board on offense, and they're being recognized for it on Madden this week.

There's eight changes overall for the 49ers, and all of them are to player overall rating. Even better, not a single player is going down this week, so everyone listed will get an increase. Unfortunately, not all of the increases are significant by any means, but it's still good to see them going up once again. Now we'll see if the 49ers get the 90 overall team rating back, which they lost for some reason after losing a close game to the Baltimore Ravens. Make the jump for a full list of 49ers changes.


TE Vernon Davis 91 to 92
WR Kyle Williams 68 to 69
LB Larry Grant 72 to 73
LB Aldon Smith 86 to 87
CB Chris Culliver 73 to 74
CB Tarell Brown 77 to 78
CB Carlos Rogers 88 to 89
K David Akers 91 to 94