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Candlestick Park Power Outage: 49ers Seek Answers, Issue Press Release

I suppose one could say that an untimely power outage at a stadium holding nearly 70,000 paying customers, present to watch a game being broadcast nationally to millions more in primetime Monday Night Football, could be construed to be a tad embarrassing for the host organization. With this logic, it's easy to see why the aforementioned host organization might follow up on said power outage, intent on making sure it will not happen again. It could be understood as well if that host team, in this case the San Francisco 49ers, issued a press release declaring the urgency of their quest for answers (and slipping in some gratuitous praise for their fanbase).

Per that press release:

The City of San Francisco and PG&E assured the team they are working diligently to solve the issues related to last night's power outages at Candlestick Park. Team representatives met with, and received updates from, the city and the utility throughout the day. As of this afternoon, no specific cause has been identified for the electrical problems at the 49ers-Steelers game.

"The 49ers are focused on making sure this doesn't happen again at Candlestick," said Jim Mercurio, Vice President of Stadium Operations for the team. "We are the tenants; our obligation is to protect our customers and our product. They support our objectives, and I am hopeful for some answers soon."

Mercurio praised both the City and PG&E for their quick response to the outage Monday night.

"No one likes the kind of uncertainty that this situation produced," said Mercurio. "We are grateful that the fans saw a complete game because it was a memorable and important challenge for the team. No doubt, it created some lifetime memories for our customers. I do believe that some Most Valuable Player awards could be awarded to our fans and our security personnel for remaining calm and patient."

Mercurio acknowledged that he remains in constant contact with the National Football League.

"They are asking the same questions we are asking," said Mercurio. "What happened? How did it happen? What are you doing to make sure it doesn't happen again?"

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